SCFCan's first commercial application is to be an Onshore, Drilling Waste Treatment process.  This facility will grow to treat 90,000 tonnes of waste annually while recovering 100,000 bbl of refined oil.

Supercritical Fluids tunability property, presents an opportunity for the development of a wide range of applications.

SCFCan's fully continuous Supercritical Fluid extraction system is a game changing advancement for the extraction of compounds from solid matrices.

Hazardous wastes often contain valuable components.  Recovering these components provides a double win — effective waste treatment and the resale of the valuable components. 

SCFCan‘s core technology uses Supercritical Carbon Dioxide to remove valuable material from hazardous waste.

SCFCan‘s distinct advancement is the ability to process the waste in a fully continuous manner  (as opposed to batch operation).

25 Years Experience

SCFCan‘s technology has been proven at bench & pilot scales over many years of research & development.

Clean Technology

SCFCan‘s technology uses Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, a green solvent, to remove valuable materials from hazardous waste.

Low GHG Emissions

SCFCan‘s technology offers high efficiency at low energy demands, leading to low greenhouse gas emissions.

Low Processing Costs

SCFCan‘s technology has the ability to process the feed in a fully continuous manner, which dramatically decreases operating costs.